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About Us

Phytium Technology Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing Chinese IC design company. Its HQ locates in Tianjin Binhai High-Tech Industrial Development Area, China. It has also operation center, marketing service center and research center in Beijing and Guangzhou, China.

Phytium Technology is dedicated to design, manufacture and sell high performance and low power IC chips as well as services around the products. To provide satisfying products for users is the motivation and goal of Phytium. Phytium provides secure and reliable, high performance and low power CPUs, ASICs and SoCs, IP and total system solutions. Phytium’s products will provide more choices for its vast customers, such as government, telecommunications, banks, energy enterprises, ITS and Internet companies, when making tradeoff among performance, power and cost.

Phytium Technology promises to help users set up secure, efficient and trusted information system by leading an international mainstream ecosystem. Phytium has kept on creative, open, shared, green and win-win strategy, and set up a mature Phytium-based ecosystem by strategic cooperation with information system manufactures, chip vendors, software and application vendors. Phytium-based office equipment, enterprise servers, network switches, Internet storage and cloud computing platform have been applied in many fields. Phytium will continue to provide good chip solutions and services for customers.

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