FT-2000+/64 FT-1500A/4 FT-1500A/16
19 2019-09
FT-2000/4 officially released!

10 2018-07
Toyou Feiji Electronics released storage products based on Phytium CPU and Kylin OS

08 2018-07
Phytium Technology attended IEEE ISVLSI 2018

03 2017-03
FT-2000/64 CPU on the CCTV news

06 2016-09
Phytium new products in the Hot Chips 28

07 2016-06
Phytium Technology Attends China's 12th Five-Year Plan Achievements Exhibition

Phytium Technology attends China's 12th Five-Year Plan achievements Exhibition which is held in Beijing Exhibition Centre from June 1 to June 7.Phytium chip products and Phytium-based information system equipment respectively exhibits on CSIP area and CEC area.

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