FT-2000 series

FT-2000+/64 processor is one product of FT-2000 product family. It integrates high-efficient cores, data-affinity memory hierarchy, hardware maintained coherent cache, hierarchical 2-D mesh interconnection and high bandwidth DDR4 memory channels. FT-2000+/64 can deliver outstanding computing performance, high memory bandwidth and peripheral extension capability compared with other ARMv8 compatible products. FT-2000+/64 can be used for designing high throughput and high performance servers, such as internet and cloud computing servers, high performance mainframes.

Key Features Include:
Category Parameter
Process: Manufacturing with 16nmFinFET process
Core: Integrating sixty-four FTC662 cores
Frequency: Running at 2.2GHz~2.4GHz
Cache: Integrating 32MB L2 cache
Memory Interface: Integrating 8 DDR4 memory controllers, which can deliver up to 204.8GB/s memory access bandwidth.
I/O Interface: Integrating x33 PCIE Gen3 interfaces
Power: Typical power 90W
Package: FCBGA package with 3576 pins
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